Celebrate Eco-friendly Ganeshotsav

Contest Process

Step 1
To Participate you need to fill up online Sarvajanik Mandal Registration Request form at Register Mandal Here

Step 2
Our Team will get in touch with your Mandal representative on the contact number provided in the online registration form, before the Ganeshotsav and Confirm the Sarvajanik Mandal Registration with the committee member of the mandal. Your mandal will be issued an Unique Mandal CODE (for your voting)

Step 3 (Important)
You need to Email us the Below mentioned details on or before 27th August 2017.

a) Mandal Full Name along with any Alias if used like (Raja, Maharaja, Ganraj, Chintamani etc).
b) Mandal Address
c) Committee Member 1 (Name, Mobile No., Email Address, WhatsApp No.)
d) Committee Member 2 (Name, Mobile No., Email Address, WhatsApp No.)
e) UnEdited Photo of Ganpati Bappa from within the Mandap (No Aagman Pics Please)
f) If the Ganpati Bappa Height is quiet tall then send us an Photo with someone standing next to the Bappa, the person face towards Ganpati Bappa.

Email us the Above Mentioned Details on info@mumbaicharaja.com

That's it.... you are in.

The Voting Lines Opens on the 2nd day Mid-night to the second last day upto 12.00am (noon) during the Festival. Voter can vote as many time as they wish for there favorite Mandals via SMS, Whatsapp and Online Voting on web site.
To Vote via SMS or WhatsApp please type MCR 000 and send the SMS or WhatsApp to 9892959295
To Vote via Website you need to be registered user of the website

Vote Counting for SMS / Whatsapp / Website are based on Average Calculation respectively. Technically an User can Vote 3 Unique votes that is via SMS, WhatsApp and Website.

Vote Count System will be based on Average
Refer to 2 Eg. below

Mandal 'A' Wins

Mandal A
Total Votes Received : 13000
Unique Votes Recived : 7000
Excess Votes Recieved : 13000 - 7000 = 6000

The Average Votes Recived is : 13000 / 7000 = 1.86

Total Count will be
(Unique Votes) + (Excess Votes / Average Votes)
7000 + (6000 / 1.86)
7000 + 3226
Final Vote Count Will be 10226
Mandal B
Total Votes Received : 200000
Unique Votes Recived : 4000
Excess Votes Recieved : 200000 - 4000 = 196000

The Average Votes Recived is : 200000 / 4000 = 50

Total Count will be
(Unique Votes) + (Excess Votes / Average Votes)
4000 + (196000 / 50)
4000 + 3920
Final Vote Count Will be 7920

The Results will be declared on the secondlast day of the festival by 12.30pm on the website www.mumbaicharaja.com. The Title Winner will also be informed officially on the contact numbers provided on the registration form.

Award Distribution
The Award Distribution is done the same day on the eve of Results (i.e the secondlast day of the festival). Every participating Mandal is Emailed a Participation and Appreciation Certificate during the festival, for their contribution to help us spread the environmental message by participating in the contest.
Hope the information will suffice your queries. However if you still have queries we will be happy to answer them.

MumbaiChaRaja Team

Registration of Sarvajanik Mandals for the Contest is absolutely Free.
There is no cash rewards given to the winners of the contest. The Winners are awarded with a Trophy.
The decision of MumbaiChaRaja.com will be final and binding upon you and the same is non-contestable by you in any manner whatsoever.
MumbaiChaRaja« is a registered TradeMark of Mr. Kishore Sharma

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